A Season to Learn

1 Corinthians 9:24

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

Understanding the different seasons of our life can be very helpful as you go through them.  Each season I think is a process of life that we must go through in order to get to the other side of what God has for us. Going through things that don’t feel so good is a part of the process.  Joseph is a great example of how life can be unfair at times but if you persevere through those difficult times, you will come out on top.  Joseph went through some challenging times but he always faced those times and accepted the season he was in.  He allowed God to work on his character and each hard time got him closer to what he would do in the future.  I know that God will never put us in situations where we are not ready and cause defeat.  He is constantly working on our character using life’s situations just as Joseph did.  Eventually, Joseph came out on top and was very successful in life, becoming one of the most powerful men in his nation.  I believe it was worth it to stick to the process of life, don’t you?

When I was in 9th grade I started playing basketball and did very well. I played in most games on my team and was one of the top five players. When 10th grade came along I started playing on the varsity team. This was a much more aggressive scene and I had so much to learn. There were many other players older than me so they would play most of the games. I found out that sitting on the bench was not too fun. It was my first experience since I was so used to playing all the time. When practice came along, I always was on the second string and we played the first string players to help them get better. The coach constantly focused on the first string and used the second string to get them ready. When game time came, you just knew you would probably sit the bench. Over time, I learned that sitting the bench was part of learning the game. I did not know how to play on this level. I needed to sit back, watch and learn.

There are those times when you have to sit back and learn. It can be painful but in due time you will rise up and be called on. It could be a promotion coming your way or maybe you landed a totally different job. It is all about the timing, and when you are ready, it will happen. But one thing you must always remember is to never quit. Always move yourself forward. There will be that day when you will be called on to either take on a task or lead a team. God’s timing is always on time and perfect.


God I want to hit the mark in everything I do.  Help me to understand the process of life and as I go through things, remind me that it just gets me ready for the next level of success.  Give me revelation vision to see the bigger picture as I walk through situations that I might not fully understand.  I ask for wisdom on how to walk it out and to be lead by you and not my flesh.  Help me bloom where I am planted and to fully engage myself to make the best out of the situation I am in today. I embrace each season in my life because I know it will take me to the next level.  I want to finish well in everything I do.  In Jesus Name, Amen.