Winning The Game Of Life

Winning The Game Of Life

Inspired by the story of Chantell Cooley and her family, the founders of Columbia Southern University, this highly motivational book challenges the reader to persevere through life's obstacles. Chantell, who played on a high school basketball team that won a state championship, reaches back to her high school days, and shares some of the critical life lessons from the game that molded her into a successful businesswoman today.



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This is a compelling and powerful story of what it takes to achieve the impossible. Truly, Chantell shows us that nothing is ever really impossible.

Missy Lindsay, D.Min
Christ For The Nations Institute

“Winning the Game of Life by Chantell Cooley, is a book that offers life insights, lessons and reminders for readers of all ages. With heart, humor and real-life experiences, Chantell lays out the truths that can help us all power through life’s challenges and play to win! Chantell’s reflections on her own family’s struggles and successes form a simple and thoughtful outline for making the most of the lives God has given us. This book is not only a powerful tool for personal growth, it’s also an ideal study-guide for small groups!”

Eric McHaney
Chief Marketing Officer
Columbia Southern Education Group

“Winning the Game of Life is a story of passion and determination to go after it. It is inspiring and will grab you to move yourself forward in life.”

John Thompson
Deputy Executive Director and COO
Law Enforcement
Washington D.C. Metro Area

tracy barnesIn 2006, I made the Olympic team for biathlon and was determined to win the first US medal in the sport. I raced sick during the games and didn’t come home with any medals. In 2010 I was determined again, to win a medal, but during the Olympic trials the race that favored my skills for making the team was canceled due to fog and my chance of making the team was gone. 2014 was my last shot at making the Olympic team and bringing home a medal. I made the team with a solid performance at the trials, but my twin sister, didn’t make the team because she fell ill during the races. (She represented the US in 2006 & 2010 Olympics). I knew I could help give her a second shot and a chance at a medal, so I declined my spot for the Olympic Team, so that she might be named. My entire Olympic career was a struggle, but those struggles are what help define the person I became and the choice I ultimately made. The struggles I faced and the ones that Chantell highlights in her book “Game of Life” are similar to the struggles people face in every day life. “A Game of Life” is a refreshing and enlightening look at how to improve your inner self through the Chantell’s motivating words. Through her book, Chantell helps you to illuminate your path in life and gives you the encouragement you need to succeed. The empowering tools she presents in her workbook equip you with the strength and focus you need to reach your goals and helps you overcome any challenges you might face in life. Journey with Chantell through her remarkable life story and ready yourself for your future success.

Tracy Barnes
2006 Olympic Biathlete
2014 United Nations Fair Play Award Recipient