Chantell is a tireless advocate of continuing education and the belief in the opportunities education provides. Drawing from her roots as a pioneer in online education, and as a woman with a never-give-up mentality that has helped to establish one of the nation’s leading online universities, Columbia Southern University, and to grow and modernize one of America’s older and well respected colleges, Waldorf University, her passion for helping people find their dreams through education has never wavered.

Currently Chantell is the dynamic senior vice president of Columbia Southern University (CSU) where she leads initiatives in leadership training for management, customer service and various self-improvement training programs for staff and faculty. She serves on the Board of Trustees for CSU as well as that of Waldorf University, where she is the chief executive officer. Chantell is the daughter of a military veteran, a wife and mother of two, and a firm believer in education, changing lives, and helping families find happiness.

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