Let Go

As you learn to just let things go that you held too tight, you will begin to see things work out the way they should without you getting in there and trying to fix it.

All my life I considered myself one that could fix things.  Just let me have your issue and I can fix it somehow.  I did pretty good for awhile--actually years and years.  Overtime, I became really good at this.  But I began to see that this was weighing me down.  I was not as happy as I used to be and I became an unhappy person.  I think I even would look at things I could fix.  It was just really out of balance and not healthy for my life.  I would go to work and start my day fixing things.  Now, part of my job as a leader is to go and make sure processes are working and that my staff have what they need that week to be successful.  That is all good in moderating but I was way out of control.  If I was not trying to fix work life I was into my children’s lives trying to make it all work out.

As this happens, you begin to carry people’s problems and even begin to try to live their life for them.  We then lose our identity and what our purpose is.  Many times when children grow and leave home we find who we are again and it is like life starts up again.  I am in that place now where my children are finding their own identity and they want to make their own way without me hovering over them every step.  I have to learn that I did my part and this is time to let go.

I am coming into a new season at work.  I have been 100 feet deep in my work for over 20 years.  I am used to doing just about everything as I lead.  But now, it is time to take a step back and lead from another view.  As I surround myself with strong staff, I learn they can even do the job as well or better than me and it is time to let go.

As you learn to just let things go that you held too tight, you will begin to see things work out the way they should without you getting in there and trying to fix it.  I have found so much peace since I have learned to let go.  For me, I had to let go both in my personal life and my work life.

Can I tell you how I feel now?

I feel great!

I feel incredibly light and full of life.  I have new visions and ideas and I feel free.  I am free to do new things and to enjoy myself.  I don’t have the worries piled upon me that just bogged me down.  I am not walking in mud boots in thick mud trudging along in life.  I wake up now with energy and ready to see what God has for me that day.

I encourage you to look at life now.  What is bringing you down?  Once you identify it then begin to make plans to let go.  It might take a few weeks or even a few months to make it all happen, but just do it.  Keep working at it until it feels right.  Examine who you have become and decide if that is the person you desire to be.  Let go of your dreams and ideas that you have thinking that life has to be this way.  As you let go and will cause your life to come into alignment.  You will feel free and able to find who you are and your purpose.

Once this happens, don’t ever go back to your  old ways.  Remember how that felt being stuck in the mud of life.  Look at how free you feel now and continually strive for that freedom so that you can live and be ready to help others.  If we are bogged down with the heavy weights of life we really can not help others.

Let today be they day you LET GO!