Take Chances: Sometimes it will lead to the answer.

You've got to start somewhere in life by planting your feet working and soon the vision of your life will become apparent.

This blog today is directed to the millennial age group. There are some 83 million in this age group.  They are expected to be the largest age group beating the baby boomers. Wow! Here are our next generational leaders.

I find that this age group has more uncertainty of where to go and when to make their move.  They have such passion and desire to really be something that they forget to decide what that something will be.  Often I see that they have such high visions that it bypasses the “now”.  You've got to start somewhere in life by planting your feet working and soon the vision of your life will become apparent.

Some individuals I come across have figured it out and move forward without turning back.  They took a chance somewhere and it was the right decision.  Some on the other hand are stuck in a rut.  I call it a rut because it a place in which you can't pull yourself out of. There is no ladder or anything to climb up to come out. They lose hope and vision and just many times give up.  I like to say some end up in a hamster wheel.  They are moving but going nowhere.  No movement of change or progress of spirit.

Life is confusing and it can be terrifying when you have such a fear to make a wrong move that you never make the move.  But if the right mentor comes along to steer you in the right direction, your life will be put back on track.

I always say you can’t allow yourself to be stuck in the same place you were in last year, or even 6 months ago.

I talk to young people all the time that fall into the following categories and are in a rut in life:

1-Just out of high school and not sure what to do next.

2-Completed some college and maybe finished a degree and have taken off for a time to decide the next step.

3-Those who have explored everything but can't seem to find their passion.

The worst thing that can happen when you get stuck and not sure when to make your move is that you never make your move or your mark in life.

The fear of failure is what grips most.  It is the fear of the unknown and if we mess up it is all over!  That is what some say.  I can assure you, it is never over.  You just keep moving forward.  You learn from the mistakes and pick yourself up and keep running after the prize.  There is only one person that can tell you that you are defeated and that is yourself.   I think that really we have to take a leap of faith and believe that all things work out for the good.  It is all about getting that feedback from mentors and knowing what your heart wants.

We all want to do something we are passionate about.  Many of you might only get a glimpse of what might happen for you in life.  You don’t see the big picture and many times you don’t feel anything.  When that happens to you, you just go with it and believe that your path will set you up for success.  As you move down that path which could be going back to college, going into another career or taking a new job, then that is the first step that will open new doors.

We sometimes  think we need to see the whole picture but most of the time we only get a glimpse of what our future could look like.  If you wait for the big picture, I am afraid you will wait a long time.  Go ahead and make your move.  It will work out.   Once you take that step, new paths will be revealed.  There are times when all I knew was that I had to do something and do it now.  I was not going to take a chance of life passing me by without me being right in the middle of it.  Yes, there was fear involved and I often wondered if I would amount to anything.

When I was out of high school I did not get to go to college immediately.  I had to pay the price of working and helping the family business.  Nothing was opening up for me.  I felt life was so unfair.  My family had gone bankrupt and we had no money to do anything.  I had other plans but that was not to be fulfilled until later.  One thing I did was I kept myself moving forward.  Even though it was not what I wanted or dreamed of, I took what was thrown at me and I turned it into good.  Then as I did this, things just started fitting in place.  Sometime we have this expectation of how we think things should turn out but they don’t and we lose hope.

Remember to keep going after your dream but look at what doors are open in front of you whether big or small.  Never give up on your dreams.  Keep moving forward where ever you are at this point in life.  Situations will change for you and you will begin to see a little light on your life.  Sooner rather than later it starts to fall in place and you have successfully pulled yourself out of the rut.

Now, take a chance and know that it will start  you moving in a direction which could and should open another door or another path will open up for you.   You can do it!