As a female CEO, Chantell knows the struggles faced by women in business.  With the right attitude and a strategic plan, she teaches women how to start and lead their businesses. In this workshop, Chantell will be reviewing various topics including:

  • Finding your confidence
  • Identifying mentors in your life
  • Networking strategically
  • Building your inner circle



As a leader, your management style can determine your success. Chantell is a firm believer in the idea of Walking With Your Team. This method of leadership is not micromanaging but, instead, walking alongside your staff and working with them, not over them. We will be reviewing various topics including:

  • Determining your leadership style
  • Implementing Walk With Your Team Leadership
  • Incorporating  WWYT Leadership into your daily tasks
  • Bringing value to those you lead



Bringing teams together for one purpose and vision will cause positive change in your organization. Belonging to a successful team gives members a sense of community and togetherness that is essential in a healthy work environment. In the workshop we will be reviewing:

  • Creating activities that work best for your group
  • Pulling a team together during rough times
  • Reaching out for input from your team
  • Understanding the personality of your team



Leading from the heart and putting service into practice is the key to success at work and home. Helping others and making it your focus whether you are a corporate supervisor or leader in a volunteer organization will bring teams together which produces positive working relationships. We will be reviewing various topics including:

  • Examining the makeup of a servant leader
  • Reviewing examples of Servant Leadership at home and work
  • Remembering humility
  • Going the extra mile for others
  • Taking care of others and helping others succeed
  • Revealing our own ideas of a servant leader



Let’s face it—interviews are stressful. With your future on the line, and a group of strangers drilling you with questions, the experience can easily rattle even the best of workers. In this workshop, Chantell will teach the ins and outs of the perfect interview. Tackling even the most basic of interview skills can enable you to land the dream job you have always wanted. We will be reviewing various topics including:

  • Identifying the best interviewing skills
  • Building up confidence pre-interview
  • Learning to be yourself and the ideal job candidate
  • Knowing your personal brand



The only way that others will follow you is if you first believe in yourself as a leader. Facing adversity and confidently leading yourself through it is the ultimate test of authority. Recognizing your own talents is just as important as having others recognize them. In this workshop we will be reviewing various topics including:

  • Focusing on moving forward
  • Moving forward vs. laterally
  • Keeping the right attitude
  • Reading vs. Leading
  • Dedicating yourself
  • Understanding the process



Understanding the value of connecting and networking is extremely valuable in all walks of life. Connecting to others is key to moving your personal life and career forward and opening new doors in your life. In this workshop, Chantell will be reviewing various topics including:

  • The Basics of Connecting: how, why, when
  • Understanding the benefit of connecting
  • Connecting to open doors
  • Networking secrets
  • Discovering the real purpose of networking
  • Learning how to network effectively for personal life and career